Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022

With Casemore Gallery, San Francisco
November 29 through December 3
VIP preview: Monday November 28
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Casemore Gallery

Sonya Rapoport’s work in Julie Casemore Gallery booth at Untitled Miami, 2022

Sonya Rapoport’s drawings and paintings will be featured in Untitled Art, Miami Beach at the Casemore Gallery booth.

We are thrilled to be showing with our gallerist and friend Julie Casemore, who has a beautiful booth with a great location. She is exhibiting some of Rapoport’s most beautiful and important works!

Sonya Rapoport, Right-On, 1976. Pencil, colored pencil, stamp and thread on found continuous-feed computer paper, 44.5 x 55″.

Right-On (1976, above), one of the works featured in the exhibition, is from Rapoport’s “Yarn Drawings” series, which represents her first engagement with the computer. She’d found a stack of printouts in the trash can in the basement of the math building at UC Berkeley and–transfixed by their coded, futuristic look–began drawing on them using the “Nu Shu” pattern language of feminist stencils developed in earlier paintings, and stitching them together with colorful yarn. 

Beginning with this germinal project, Rapoport would remain engaged with computers for the rest of her career, becoming an early innovator of interactive computer art installations, and coding Web Art that anticipated the world wide web by several years.