Hae Voces, “Rapoport Remembered” at Kala Art Institute 6/2/2018

The Sonya Rapoport Legacy Trust presents

Rapoport Remembered

Premiere performance of an original musical composition by:


(Kristina Dutton and Majel Connery)

Sonya Rapoport, Anasazi Series (detail), 1977. Prismacolor, pencil, and
typewriter on continuous feed computer printout paper with data by Dorothy Washburn.

Rapoport Remembered will take place Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at Kala Art Institute2990 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley.

FRIDAY 6/1 performance is an Open Dress Rehearsal.
Tickets: General: $15 with Promotional Code HAEVOCES, Student: $5 at door.

SATURDAY 6/2 performance is the Premiere.
Tickets: General: $25, student: $15 at door.

Doors open at 7:30pm. The performance is 8 – 9pm.

A selection of Rapoport’s drawings will be on view. After the performance SLRT Director Farley Gwazda will speak about the artist’s work and discuss the collaborative process with Hae Voces.

Rapoport Remembered is a visually and sonically lush presentation that reimagines Rapoport’s Anasazi Series (1976-1978). These vivid color pencil drawings were created in collaboration with anthropologist Dorothy K. Washburn, who applied the geometry of symmetry analysis to understanding the culture and migration patterns of the Ancient Puebloan people. Rapoport’s drawings layer repeating motifs from Native American pottery on top of Washburn’s original data, printed on perforated continuous feed computer printout paper.

Performing live with violin, vocals, keyboards, and a technical array of live processing, Hae Voces treat Rapoport’s drawings as graphic scores, reading their visual intensity and playfulness like notes on a page. The performance is augmented by lighting design, projections of the Anasazidrawings, quotations from the artist, and Meyer Sound speakers.

The Sonya Rapoport Legacy Trust was founded during the artist’s lifetime to preserve her artwork and promote her legacy. Rapoport was known for her in-depth collaborations with experts from other fields, and her constant return to and reinvention of earlier works. She hoped to extend her practice with posthumous collaborations where creative thinkers would engage with and reimagine her work. Rapoport Remembered represents the first of these experiments.

It is fitting that this performance is presented at Kala Art Institute, which in 2011 presented Rapoport’s retrospective exhibition Pairings of Polarities, curated by Terri Cohn and Anuradha Vikram.

Rapoport Remembered is made possible through the Musical Grant Program, which is administered by InterMusic SF, and supported by the Heller Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and San Francisco Grants for the Arts.

Supported by a generous grant from the Zellerbach Family Foundation.

Addendum: Documentation of the Performance

Rapoport Remembered was an original performance of new music inspired by Sonya Rapoport’s artwork created by Majel Connery and Kristina Dutton of Hae Voces. 

Recordings of several of the songs created for this performance can be heard on the Hae Voces bandcamp page.

The program from the performance can be downloaded here: pdf, 855kB


Hae Voces performing “Rapoport Remembered” at Kala Art Gallery, Berkeley, CA on Friday, June 1st, 2018. Image by Dunstan Orchard.
Kristina Dutton of Hae Voces performing violin and electronics at “Rapoport Remembered” at Kala Art Institute, June, 2018. Photograph by Avi Stachenfeld.
Majel Connery of Hae Voces performing violin and electronics at “Rapoport Remembered” at Kala Art Institute, June, 2018. Photograph by Dunstan Orchard.