Biorhythm Catalogue Now Available!

Cover of the catalogue "Sonya Rapoport: Biorhythm"

The Sonya Rapoport Legacy Trust is pleased to announce the publication of a new catalogue, Biorhythm, featuring an in-depth exploration of Sonya Rapoport’s computer-mediated “audience participation performance” (1980-86).

Created by authors Alla Efimova and Terri Cohn to accompany the exhibition Sonya Rapoport: biorhythm at San José Museum of Art, this carefully researched and beautifully illustrated, 41-page booklet traces the development of a conceptual art project that questions the relationship between our bodies and computers. Includes essays by curator Kathryn Wade and Sonya Rapoport’s article Process(ing) Interactive Art: Using People as Paint, Computer as Brush and Installation Site as Canvas (Leonardo, 1991).

The Trust is deeply grateful to the Museum and curator Kathryn Wade for creating this exhibition and for co-publishing this catalogue. We would also like to thank the Jay DeFeo Trust for supporting this project, and the family of Sonya Rapoport.

Sonya Rapoport: Biorhythm
by Alla Efimova and Terri Cohn

The first in-depth interpretation of a now-classic project in early computer-based art by Sonya Rapoport (1923-2015). A pioneer in synthesizing science and technology with her personal, feminist practice, Rapoport has emerged a major figure in late 20th-century conceptual art.

Co-published by the Sonya Rapoport Legacy Trust and San José Museum of Art on the occasion of the exhibition Sonya Rapoport: biorhythm (February 7-September 27, 2020) curated by Kathryn Wade, with essays by Wade and Farley Gwazda.