(in)AUTHENTIC, 2007


View original (in)AUTHENTIC: Woman, War, Jew via Robert Edgar’s website

(in)AUTHENTIC: Woman, War, Jew (2007) is a Web Art project that was initiated in 1999 and ultimately took the form of an interactive animated “Memory Theatre” in collaboration with electronic artist Robert Edgar.

Rapoport reflects upon her own cosmos of gender, race, science, and mythology and makes use of images of military tanks, African hairstyles, mitochondria, and Jungian mythical archetypes. These are accompanied by recordings of an imaginary dialogue between French feminist Luce Irigaray, Sigmund Freud and Jean-Paul Sartre.

This work exists as online web art, a 10 minute digital video documentation of interaction with the Web Work, and a publication in the book In Transition Russia 2008 (pages 124 – 135).

Note: As of July, 2016 (in)AUTHENTIC only works on certain browsers. The SRLT is investigating this matter and will provide more details shortly. Please view the In Transition Russia 2008 link for a non-interactive version of this project.