Airbrush on Paper

Sonya Rapoport was a prolific painter in the 1970’s – working on paper with airbrush and her “Nu Shu” stencils allowed her to improvise and work quickly. These work use vibrant, almost cacophonous color schema on either empty paper, or drawings of images appropriated from the survey charts she began using in 1971. Contrary to the smooth applications for which airbrush is used in design work, Rapoport specifically altered her airbrush so that it sputtered and dripped to create textured fields.


Sonya Rapoport, “Epic”, 1974. Acrylic and graphite on paper, 4 panels, 44″ x 30″ each.


Sonya Rapoport, “Anniversary”, 1975. Acrylic on paper, 44″ x 60″.


Sonya Rapoport, “Bertha II”, n.d. Acrylic on paper, 22″ x 28″


Sonya Rapoport, “Minidoka”, 1975. Acrylic and graphite on paper, 44″ x 30″.