Composers Awarded Grant to Create New Composition Based on Rapoport Work

Sonya Rapoport with Dorothy Washburn, “Anasazi Series, Panel II”, Page 5 of 15, 1977. Prismacolor and pencil on found pre-printed perforated continuous feed computer printout paper.


The Sonya Rapoport Legacy Trust is very excited to announce that noted Bay Area musicians and composers Kristina Dutton and Silvia Matthus have been awarded a generous grant from the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music Musical Grant Program to compose and perform a new piece that will reimagine Rapoport’s Computer Printout Drawings of the late 1970’s.

Throughout her career, Rapoport consistently worked with respected experts in the arts, sciences, and humanities. The focused research that accompanied these collaborations allowed her to expand the reach of her work and access fascinatingly original subject matter. Rapoport specifically expressed that she would like to continue these collaborations after her death, and it gives us great pleasure to see her work finding new life though collaborators as talented and profound as Dutton and Matthus.

This project is in early stages and no performance dates have yet been set. We will be sending a follow-up announcement when more information becomes available.